Ocean Imaging

Background: Stefan Andrews and Kingsley Griffin are marine biologists from South Australia. As scientific divers with a strong interest in tech and media, the two shared a passion for using modern underwater cameras to assist their research. After gaining a reputation for their underwater photos and video, the two marine biologists were often asked to supply material for magazines, articles and websites.

Over dozens of research expeditions spanning all seven continents, Stefan and Kingsley developed technical experience and skills working alongside professional film crews and media specialists. Throughout this time, the two recognised the limitations of scientists dealing with non-scientifically trained media producers and began freelancing as underwater media specialists for communicating science.

Ocean Imaging was founded in 2015 with the aim to bring scientists directly to the public and schools. The team now consists of several members with backgrounds in marine science, underwater videography and education. We produce content aimed at target audiences of all age groups and backgrounds. Our speciality is in underwater shoots and communicating marine science but our services include topside filming including aerial and interviews.

Our community: We interact on a daily basis with a passionate community of ocean enthusiasts including researchers, teachers, divers, snorkelers, conservationists, underwater photographers, videographers and more. Through Ocean Imaging’s social media pages we share ocean science, discoveries and stories from around the world.

Recent clients have included universities, schools, non-profits, conservation organisations, travel and advertising companies and more.

Why videos and social media? Despite the wide reach and broad range of benefits associated with visual communication, relatively few academic scientists currently use these tools to their full potential.

In this age of alternative facts, we can all agree that communicating science clearly and correctly is important. It’s no longer an option for scientists not to engage with lay audiences “It’s becoming a moral obligation“. Social media can help researchers reach broad audiences, communicate research quickly and efficiently throughout the world.

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