Microsoft forms for feedback

At the end of teaching units I often give my students the opportunity to provide feedback. This information really helps me understand what students like, and point out areas of improvement.

Recently, I’ve been trialling Microsoft forms for these feedback quizzes. I’ve been very impressed with just how easy these forms are to make and distribute. Importantly, the mobile view and accessibility is outstanding. The best feature of using these … Read more

Cell models

My year 8 science class have just finished their unit on cells. As part of the unit, students constructed cell models. I was impressed with the level of creativity in which their models were presented. Some students even went to the effort of making cakes.

Overall the students enjoyed the task and explained to me that it really helped them visualise the different basic organelles of which cells are made … Read more

Social teaching strategies: Edmodo online classroom software review.

Over the last three weeks I have been experimenting with Edmodo, a social learning network which enables teachers to share content, distribute quizzes, assignments, and manage communication. While most schools have some form of online learning management system (LMS), Edmodo boasts streamlined communication with students, colleagues, and parents,

The situation:

I am currently teaching science and biology at a high school in the UK and see 13 different classes from … Read more